Beer Olympics in Barcelona

Beer Olympics in Barcelona

CocoVail, in partnership with WSA Europe (Weekend Student Adventures), will host the 1st Annual Beer Olympics in Barcelona. WSA Europe is all about fostering fun, respectful, in-depth and unforgettable travel experiences for budget travelers, backpackers and students. They empower travelers to become immersed in the cities they visit by experiencing cultures as a local, rather than merely observing them.

We really dig their style, and our organizations are speaking the same language when it comes to providing unforgettable experiences for people.

Now, where were we? That’s right, Beer Olympics!

The Winter Olympics in South Korea just ended, which gives us all the more reason to pay homage to the art and love of competition and drinking, naturally.

Side note: Congrats to Norway! Holy hell those guys and girls totally dominated the winter olympics from start to finish.

Congrats to the 2018 winners! We’ll be back next year for another round of Beer Olympics in Barcelona!

For now, here’s a video of one of the past competitions.

CocoVail Beer Olympics

In the spirit of the world’s oldest competition, we are going to do the right thing and have a drink-a-thon with some incentive involved, aka prizes.

Essentially, if you haven’t started training, you may want to start now. Also, we’ll be testing for PEDs, so don’t try any funky sh**. Okay, we may not be testing for HGH and things of that nature, but we don’t need any Lance Armstrong scandals. Ya feel?

Details for the Beer Olympics in Barcelona

When: Spring 2018

Where: CocoVail Beer Hall

Competition: 4 people per team (8 €/ each)

Prize: 400 € and bragging rights, lots and lots of bragging rights. Also, quite possibly a hangover, but we’ve got the solution for that 🙂

Make sure to click this link, or the one at the top of the page to sign up, as positions are filling quickly.

Even if you miss out on competing, it will be a fun night to see some people getting mildly toasted in the name of competition.

Now, for a little inspiration, we’ll just leave this scene right where it belongs. Cheers!


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