Bida App: Free Drinks in Barcelona

Bida App: Free Drinks in Barcelona

What we are about to say may sound too good to be true… Ready?

There’s a way to get free drinks all over Barcelona. I know what you’re thinking, WTF? Hook me up, bro/ brew-dette!

The answer is: Bida App, it’s an app you use to get FREE drinks in Barcelona.

What’s the catch? Bida App Loco

Well, it’s simple, really. It’s a subscription service for 9,99 €/ month and your first born child. Okay, they don’t want any of your children, plus we highly encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol.

However, with this monthly fee, you are invited to one free drink per day at your choice of a selection of great bars in Barcelona.

That means if you take full advantage of their services, you can get 31 drinks a month for 9,99 €, which would be about 33 cents per drink. Heck, even if you only get 10 drinks in a month, it comes to 1 € per drink.

We never claimed to be mathematicians, but that’s basically free in a city where drinks average 3-4 €.

If you don’t believe us, check out Bida’s FAQ page for further clarification.

You can download the app and get a month free now by clicking this link, or you can type COCOVAILBLOG into the Invitation code box when signing up for the App! 🙂

CocoVail Partnership with Bida App

bida video cocktail montage extras-2CocoVail partnered with Bida App as one of their many sponsored venues. While we absolutely love that you come here to sample our local craft beers and quality American bar food, we also encourage checking out different places in the city.

Barcelona has so much to offer; whether you are here for a few days, a few months as a student studying abroad, or a resident, it’s imperative to check out the vast selection of eats and drinks.

Bida App makes Barcelona’s diverse list of choices all the more accessible and palpable. Another way to look at it is that you’ll save yourself time trying to find the right places to go sifting through countless review sites and opinions.

bida video cocktail montage extras-3

All of the bars/ restaurants on Bida App’s list are 4+ stars, and they’ve done their homework, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Having said that, we highly encourage checking out Bida App on your App Store. It’s the jams, and an excellent way to visit new places, plus get free drinks in Barcelona.

Also, check out Bida App’s Instagram!

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