CocoVail Presents: New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

CocoVail Presents: New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

2020 New Year’s Eve Update: We are going to do something much different than before and much different than what usually takes place around Barcelona.

We are not going to charge an absurdly high cover or anything along those lines. The idea is to have a more casual party, like the feeling of a house party among friends. Same prices, same great people, same tasty food & drinks, different New Year’s Eve. Feel at home.

CocoVail will stay open till 3 am as an exception on this night, and there will be a cotillon with the 12 grapes provided to guests. We will surely have some menu specials; however, we have not thought that far ahead yet.

New Years Party Barcelona CocoVail Beer Hall 2019New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona (or anywhere for that matter) is always a fun experience. You have a multitude of options and of course, you must consume the 12 lucky grapes within 12 seconds. Be careful, as grapes here have seeds and well, eating seeds is not the most enjoyable experience in the world.

Alas, the passing of a New Year signifies many things. NYE is a time for reflexion, a time for celebration, a time for being with friends and family, and most importantly, a time for kissing a complete stranger when the clock strikes midnight, right?

Okay, if you are taken, you should probably forego the stranger part and plant a nice one for your man / lady friend. After all, you want to show you’ve got the right stuff heading into the new year.

Having said that, are you looking for something to do this New Year’s Eve?

If so, look no further, as CocoVail is putting on a party for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona. It’s going to be a sweet soirée to sign off 2018 and ring in 2019 in style, and it would be awesome to have you and yours make the night more memorable.

What’s in store for our 2020 edition of New Year’s Eve in Barcelona?

This year we are not changing the menu or offering fancy schmancy food combos. We are sticking to what we know best: wings and beer, baby! 

What else do we have going on? Well, I guess you will just have to find out for yourself at our New Year’s Eve Party.

If you go a little too hard in the paint and feel like sh** the next day, we have some tips for how to cure a hangover in Barcelona. Chances are after a pint and some cava, it’ll turn into a few more spirits in the belly, and that’s just dandy.

Contact us with any questions for the event. We look forward to ringing in the New Year with you and yours, the more the merrier!


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