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Almalibre: Best Açaí Bowls in Barcelona

January 4, 2021

If you're looking for the best açaí in Barcelona, look no further, because we've got you covered. Almalibre, which is near the intersection of Girona and Diagonal, is your destination for impeccable açaí bowls and other edible offerings. Simply put, Almalibre is the jams.

Their quaint coffee shop setting seems like it came right off the set of a movie. It could be the foundation for a Friends reunion in Barcelona. The only thing that's missing is the iconic couch. They even have a secret lair in the basement. You may or may not be encouraged to venture down there, but whatever you do, don't tell them you heard it from us.Almalibre has a diverse menu that is incredible.

They not only have many options, but they are also eco-friendly, as they are a vegetarian / vegan establishment. Their açaí bowls are accompanied by veggie burgers, hummus, healthy dips, loads of juices, and coffee in all different forms. Check out Almalibre's full menu here.

Almalibre Best Acai in Barcelona

Due to these factors (and many others) Almalibre is our choice for the best açaí in Barcelona.

Where is Almalibre?

Almalibre is actually located in several cities around the world. In Spain you can find them in Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, and soon they will open in Madrid. If you are in the USA, they are also in Miami now. Surely they will be popping up elsewhere in the coming years.

Almalibre's address in Barcelona: Carrer de Girona, 118 Barcelona, Spain 08009

To put things into perspective, this is about a 10 minute walk from CocoVail.

Why Is Almalibre Awesome?

Aside from their delicious açaí bowls, Almalibre is a perfect backdrop for studying, having a date, meeting with friends, and / or hosting a work meeting for collaboration. The people that work there are always beaming with positive vibes and welcoming feeling. They uphold the mantra of feeling at home every day, which is why we feel so compelled to tell the world (wide web) about them. If you're living in, visiting, or studying abroad in Barcelona and have a hankering for an awesome açaí mixed with excellent vibes, you know where to go. #feelathome