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5 Best Places to Study in Barcelona

February 14, 2021

Are you a student looking for a solid place to study in Barcelona? Or are you a professional who is looking to work in a productive setting during your stay in Barcelona? The city has many options to gather your intellectual energies and get to work; however, choosing the best locations is no easy feat.We've done some digging around and checked out hot spots in The City of Counts (Spanish: la ciudad condal) for quality places to work and study.

A List of the Best Places to Study in Barcelona (Not Called Starbucks)

Study in Barcelona Barcelona

Preface: A little further down the list we'll put CocoVail, as we have ample space with our communal tables. We've also invested in top-notch Wi-Fi; however, the goal of this is to highlight some of the incredible places you can find around the city. While we'd love you to spend all of your time at our establishment, we realize there are many other offerings, and we are big fans of exploring and making the most of your stay.

Almalibre Açai House


Carrer de Girona, 118 Barcelona 08009

If you head toward Sagrada Família from CocoVail and arrive at Carrer de Girona almost to the intersection with Diagonal, you will find what we consider to be the best açai in Barcelona at Almalibre. They not only serve the best açaí bowl in Barcelona (as well as other delicious meals), but the location is perfect for studying / working as well. There's plenty of space to plug-in and get locked in for your productive journey to excellence.

Black Remedy Deli & Coffee Bar


Location: Carrer Ciutat, 5 08002 Barcelona

Tucked into the history Gothic District of Barcelona, Black Remedy offers one of the most unique café locations in the city. They are not only purveyors of coffee, but are also roasters of coffee. They are not only creators of food, but also manifest delicious snacks and meals of all different types. Their place of business provides fertile ground for planting and expanding your mind via studying journeys and working endeavors. Black Remedy has all you need for a productive session of personal growth, professional or otherwise.



Location: Career d'Enric Granados, 3 08007 Barcelona

This cosy café / art gallery has all of the ingredients for a productive study / work session. The location is big with several tables to choose from in various styles. The only thing is that it can get a bit loud in there from the diversity of conversations and interactions going on while in the locale. We suggest bringing some headphones just in case you need to lock in 100%. However, we suggest doing that for any of the locations, as you never know when you'll need to put on some inspirational tunes to focus.

Federal Café


Locations: Carrer de Parlament, 39 08015 Barcelona
Carrer de la Pau, 11 08002 Barcelona

Fantastic coffee coupled with delicious brunch-inspired eats wait for you at either of the Federal Café locations. They have large, communal tables as well as individual tables for smaller gatherings or solo study sessions. Federal also offers some craft beers in case you are looking to unwind just a bit while reading up for an upcoming class or cramming for your next test.

Somewhere Café


Location: Carrer D'Aragó, 310 Barcelona 08009

Just a quick jaunt down Carrer D'Aragó from CocoVail is Somewhere Cafè. If you fancy well-crafted coffee drinks served on picturesque wooden boards with tiny spoons in leather sleeves, this is your Mecca. The location oozes of productivity and innovation. They have mixed seatings with large tables for big meetings, smaller ones for more intimate study sessions, and stadium seating if you are looking to work solo and plug into the study zone. Not only is the coffee exquisite, but they also have fantastic brunch / lunch meals that will satisfy your huger. Lastly, they also have craft beers on tap for those looking to unwind a bit while studying / working.

Bonus: CocoVail Beer Hall


Location: Carrer d'Aragó, 284 08009 Barcelona

As we mentioned above, we put ourselves on the list, but it's not just an opportunity for shameless promotion. We have some characteristics that create a solid foundation for productive studying / working. While the night scene in CocoVail is more lively and most likely not a place to get work done, the mid-morning / afternoon is pretty chill. We put on some light music, the tables are massive with power plugs galore, and our Wi-Fi is pretty, pretty, pretty good in the words of Larry David.What are some of your favorite places to study? Feel free to contact us, so we can check it out and possibly add them to our list.

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