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La Whiskeria: Best Whiskey & Cocktail Bar in Barcelona

April 6, 2020

Nestled in the Raval, one of the more iconic neighborhoods of Barcelona, you will find La Whiskeria. It's only a minute or two from Plaza Catalunya, right off the famous Rambles that lead you down the city center to the port.

La Whiskeria Best Whiskey Bar Barcelona

If you wander around in this area during certain times of day, it makes you feel like you are stepping back into time. It's in the heart of history, and it plays a pivotal role in its neighborhood.We've had some time to sample many joints in the city, and by far La Whiskeria is our choice for the best whiskey bar in Barcelona. Furthermore, it's also definitely one of the best bars in Barcelona, period.

Where Is La Whiskeria?

Carrer de les Sitges, 3Barcelona, Spain 08001

What Makes La Whiskeria So Special?

For starters, the bar opened 50 years ago in 1969. This gives the bar an authentic, old-time feel from the moment you walk into the establishment.Second, La Whiskeria has an amazing collection of whiskeys from all over the world. Their whiskey selection is ideal for connoisseurs, and they also have ample expertise to point you in the right direction if you are a novice to the alcohol.

La Whiskeria Barcelona Whiskey in Barcelona

Third, they make incredible, elaborate cocktails. It is an art in and of itself just to watch them concoct the drinks. The way they break the ice. The care in prepping the glasses. The mixing of flavors and ingredients, everything.Fourth, and most importantly, their welcoming staff will make you feel at home from the moment you step inside the bar. We are all about feeling at home. All of these factors combine for us to safely say it is the best whiskey bar in Barcelona. La Whiskeria is an ideal location to pop into for a date on your way to dinner, a concert, or theatre performance, and there are many to choose from nearby. It's also a great space for a night cap with a group of friends. You can also comfortably walk in solo and have a few drinks while learning from and about some of their bar experts. They are some of the best in the business.

Featured Whiskeys at La Whiskeria

Kavalan (Taiwan)

Octomore (Scotland)

Springbank (Scotland)

Game of Thrones Collection

Hibiki (Japan)

Teeling (Ireland)

Bulleit (USA)

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