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CocoVail Presents: Flying Dog in Barcelona

April 6, 2020

Flying Dog will be featured for the first time ever in Barcelona throughout the Barcelona Beer Festival and exclusively at CocoVail Beer Hall.

CocoVail is honored to host one of the legendary craft breweries from the United States. There will be some of Flying Dog's brews on tap during our event on March 15th, including: Snake Dog, Raging Bitch, Doggie Style, & Thunderpeel.

CocoVail Presents Flying Dog Brewery in Barcelona

When is the Flying Dog Brewery Event in Barcelona?

When: March 15th, 2019 from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Where: CocoVail Beer Hall Barcelona
Beer specials during the event, sample some of Flying Dog's best creations

Flying Dog in Barcelona Beers

  • Snake Dog - IPA
  • Raging Bitch - Belgian IPA
  • Doggie Style - Pale Ale
  • Thunderpeel - Unfiltered IPA (New Release)

What is Flying Dog Brewery?

Flying Dog Brewery is an American craft brewery based in the East Coast, specifically in Frederick, Maryland. George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre, founded the brewery in 1990, and it is the largest brewery in the state of Maryland. According to sources, as of 2017 Flying Dog is considered the 28th largest craft brewery in the United States.

The idea of a brewery was born in 1983 during an expedition to K2, which is one of the world's most dangerous mountains. In 1990, Stranahan & McIntyre opened a brewpub in Woody Creek, Colorado. Flying Dog is not only known for their prowess with the beers they create, but also for their image.

The bottles and overall design is done by Ralph Steadman. Ralph Steadman is a Welsh illustrator who is known around the world for his political and social caricatures, cartoons and picture books. He is iconic for his collaboration with American writer Hunter S. Thompson, especially with the illustrations for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter S. Thompson was Stranahan's friend and tenant.

"Good people drink good beer" & "Good beer, no shit" - Ralph Steadman

Above are two of the more well known slogans that emerged from Ralph's creative mind. With such talented company in their midst, it is no wonder Flying Dog reached the pantheon of craft breweries and that it is synonymous with quality American beer. Our family at CocoVail is excited to play host to this incredible brewery and their superb liquid creations. #feelathome