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Buying Gifts In Barcelona: Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

November 3, 2020

Searching for the perfect gifts and souvenirs for loved ones back home is part of the fun of traveling, and Barcelona has something for everyone on your list. With the holiday season coming up, it’s the perfect time to go shopping for your family and friends, and giving them one-of-a-kind items that you can only find in the city could make this one of the most memorable holidays ever. If you’re shopping for presents in Barcelona, consider these gift ideas for the most important people in your life.

For Your Grandparents

Couples who’ve been together for a long time often proclaim their love to the world by wearing matching clothing, such as t-shirts, pajamas or slippers, as it highlights their deep connection to each other. This is why it makes sense to give them other matching items that they can proudly wear together. Consider buying them matching pairs of espadrilles from La Manual Alpargatera. This shop has been selling hand stitched espadrilles since the 1940s, and the basic models cost less than 20 euros. Meanwhile, if your grandparents love nothing more than to stay at home, help them to keep warm during the cold months by heading to Materia and get them matching blankets made out of the softest and warmest material.

For Your Mom

If your mom loves to entertain, she’ll definitely want a few beautifully painted ceramic bowls, plates and pitchers from Itaca L’Art del Poble. You can also get her a traditional mortar and pestle from any hardware store in Barcelona. To make her morning coffee ritual extra special, give her a few Gaudi-inspired mugs from La Pedrera, and for a treat, include a box of  handmade chocolates from Chocolates Lacasa.

For Your Dad

To let your dad experience a taste of Barcelona, give him a bottle of locally made vermouth from Casa Mariol or Morro Fi. Include a few food items that would go well with the drink, such as bottled anchovies or olives, which you can find in the city’s markets. Meanwhile, if your dad is a fan of soccer, get him authentic FC Barcelona accessories or jerseys. You can find these items at the El Corte Ingles, which is one of Spain’s biggest department stores, or go to the stadium to get authentic items.

For Your Siblings and Friends

A stroll along Las Ramblas will yield fabulous finds for your siblings and friends, as you can buy almost anything here, such as inexpensive artwork done by local artists, jewelry, clothing, bags, and home decor. For food and drinks, check out La Boqueria, which is Barcelona’s iconic open air marketplace. Here, you can find bottles of olive oil, cured ham, and other food items that they can use to have their own tapas at home. For those who like to receive toiletries or perfume, pick up a few bottles of cologne or perfume from any of the perfumeries in the city, such as Les Topettes or Regia.

Barcelona is the perfect place to shop for unique holiday gifts. Consider these gift ideas to surprise your loved ones, and give them a present that they’ll treasure through the years.