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CocoVail Presents: MLB in Barcelona

October 10, 2023

Looking for a place to watch MLB in Barcelona? CocoVail now streams selected games during the season and playoffs.

While many night games have a significant time difference and are played during closing hours, there are still plenty of bouts to watch throughout the year. The 2023 season is going on currently. Who do you have winning it all this year?

Watch Baseball in Barcelona

This Week's MLB Games in Barcelona

We are broadcasting some games that are on during our hours of operation.

Request specific MLB games by calling +34 937 822 479

Watch College World Series in Barcelona

This Week's College World Series of Baseball Games in Barcelona: We'll broadcast the 2024 series next June.

The College World Series is the biggest tournament of the year for the aspiring and rising stars of baseball on the college scene. See the full tournament schedule here.

History of Baseball 101

Fun Fact: There are 162 games played per team, per season. That's a total of 2,430 regular season games, plus the additional games of the postseason. In the words of AC, "insane"!

Baseball is inspired by cricket, which dates as far back as the 16th century. Did you know that baseball was created in the summer of 1839 by a man named Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, NY? Furthermore, Abner Doubleday went on to become an American Civil War hero. You can't get more American than that, can you? Seriously, even Abraham Lincoln looks like a complete foreigner compared to someone with those stats in his bio.

Okay, Abe is a far stretch, but you get the point: Mr Doubleday is as American as The Star Spangled Banner itself. It is also important to state that the origins of America's Greatest Pastime are highly debated among baseball aficionados. Then again there are people who debate that the Earth is flat, so we humans are basically inclined to create arguments out of anything. The fact of the matter is that it makes for a nice story, so we can leave it as that until Mr Doubleday's spirit visits all of us personally in our dreams.

Major League Baseball in Barcelona Presented by CocoVail MLB in Barcelona

Teams with the Most MLB Titles in History

1) New York Yankees - 27

2) Cardinals - 11

3) Red Sox & Athletics - 9

4) Giants - 8

5) Dodgers - 7

Watch MLB in Barcelona

If you have a particular game in mind that you'd like to see during our working hours, contact us. We will do our best to accommodate. Our mantra is for you to feel at home, so we will try to make it happen for you. Cheers! #feelathome