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CocoVail Presents: Scottish Brewery Tap Takeover

April 6, 2020

Scottish Breweries in Barcelona: Continue the Barcelona Beer Festival festivities with us as we host our first ever Scottish Tap Takeover! We will be streaming the Six Nations Rugby matches starting with Scotland vs. Wales at 15:15h.

CocoVail Scottish Tap Takeover - BBF 2020 OFF Event

When: Saturday, March 14th 2020 from 2 - 7 pm
CocoVail Beer Hall Barcelona
Specials: Beer specials during the event featuring three Scottish breweries: 71 Brewing, Barney's Beer & Bellfield Brewery

What is the Barcelona Beer Festival?

For three days in March every year, Barcelona becomes the world’s craft beer capital. Thousands of people from around the globe come together to toast with one, or more, of 650 beers. The most visible part of the festival is the nearly 35,000 fans that gather at La Farga de L’Hospitalet, but across the city you will find craft beer events all weekend long.

Featured Scottish Breweries in Barcelona

Who is Bellfield Brewing?

Bellfield Brewing is the UK’s first craft brewery dedicated to gluten free beer, and their mission is simple:

"To create great tasting beer that anyone can drink."

All Bellfield beers are Vegan Society registered and certified Gluten Free. Come enjoy a Bellfield IPA, Ale or Lager - we promise you’ll feel healthier!

Who is 71 Brewing?

71 Brewing is the home of Dundee’s first brewery and they have been crafting beer with flavor and character for over 50 years. 71 strives to create beers that are familiar, funky, weird, but most importantly, balanced and consistent. You will want to drink your 71 beer again and again.

Who is Barney's Beer?

Barney’s Beer is a microbrewery in Edinburgh and they brew a range of craft beer from their best selling Volcano IPA to collaborations like Eteaket vs Barney’s Mount Fuji Pale. In 2013 Barney’s was declared one of the top 5 craft breweries in Scotland by The List magazine and they continue to impress with their wide range of craft beers.

Tap Takeover Beers

71 Brewing

  • Bananas No Pyjamas - Imperial Maple Banana Stout
  • Bacca Peh Berry Sour
  • Kviek Your Eyes Peeled - Kviek IPA
  • The Big Breakfast - Imperial Breakfast Stout


  • Capital Porter
  • Red Rye
  • Marshmallow Milk Stout
  • Cosmic Ripple - Red Rye based Raspberry Sour

Bellfield Brewing

  • Lawless Village IPA
  • Session Ale
  • Craft Lager

Our CocoVail family is excited to play host to these unique Scottish breweries. #feelathome