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CocoVail Presents: Watch Formula 1 in Barcelona

July 8, 2024

Watch F1 in Barcelona - CocoVail Beer Hall

Are you looking for a place to watch Formula 1 races? If so, CocoVail's got you covered with our huge community tables and big screen TVs to enjoy the races taking place around the world during this season.

Upcoming F1 Races Broadcasting at CocoVail in 2024

Here are the upcoming races we will be showing at CocoVail. We update the list with new events periodically.

F1 Races in 2024

Sunday, July 21st:
Hungarian GP @ 15:00

Sunday, July 28th:
Belgian GP @ 15:00

Sunday, August 25th:
Dutch GP @ 15:00

Sunday, September 1st:
Italian GP @ 15:00

Sunday, September 15th:
Azerbaijan GP @ 13:00

Sunday, September 22nd:
Singapore GP @ 14:00

Make your reservation to guarantee a spot for the big races!

Top 3 Drivers for Formula 1 in 2024

1) Max Verstappen

2) Lando Norris

3) Charles Leclerc

Top 3 Constructors for Formula 1 in 2024

1) Red Bull

2) Ferrari

3) McLaren

What is Formula 1? A Beginner's Guide

Formula One (aka Formula 1 or F1) is the apex of international racing for "open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars". The whole operation is run by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The word "formula" is a reference to the rules that govern the participation of the drivers and their engineering teams. Each season is comprised of many races around the world known as the Grands Prix. They take place on both purpose-built and closed public roads, depending on the race's location.

To determine the winner, each race is counted with points based on the results of the drivers and their teams. There are two annual championship prizes: one for the individual drivers, and the other for the "constructors" / engineering teams.

Now that you know a bit about the Formula 1 Circuit, go check out a race! :)