CocoVail’s New Menu

CocoVail’s New Menu

CocoVail’s New Menu (Updated)

Menu Designed By: @nelkcr – Instagram

We’ve decided to shake things up a bit again with a new, new menu. Here’s a hint with just one word: chicken… This comes in 2 forms: 1) There are new flavors for our HUGE, crispy, marinated chicken wings. 2) We now have a chicken quesadilla, which is pretty freaking delicious, if we may say so.

Over the past few months, we’ve revamped a few things, and our new menu is coming in hot with some fresh items to satisfy your cravings. After nearly two years of operation, we see what works and what can be trimmed from the offerings.

Heads Up: We’re hosting our 3 year anniversary fiesta in September or October, 2019. Stay tuned for details!

We’re fortunate to have all of you amazing guests who are open to sharing your opinions. It’s a continuous process, as nothing is ever set in stone.

Just like a person going through their formative years, we feel we’re continuing to hone in our strengths with these changes.

Basically, we are looking to focus on the items you know and love.

Chicken Wings in Barcelona?

Yes, that’s an affirmative.

Those two words make mouths water and ice melt all the way from here to the North and South Poles.

Menu Designed By: @nelkcr – Instagram

Warning: the wings are so fire, they may or may not contribute to climate change. We can neither confirm nor deny these claims.

Last year we were really excited about finally providing buffalo chicken wings in Barcelona. It was a huge step: buffalo chicken wings coming together with craft beers in Barcelona!

This year, we’re taking another giant leap toward galactic-level wings. Our flavors now include (ranked from spiciest to mildest): Mango Habanero, Caribbean Jerk, Buffalo, Chipotle, Spicy Garlic, Green Curry, Honey BBQ, BBQ, Jack Daniels, Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, and Garlic Parmesan… In total we have 13 sauces now. The newest flavors are bolded above:)

We’ve also added gluten-free wings without breading for those who are sensitive to consuming gluten.

As you may know, CocoVail Beer Hall is one of the only places in Barcelona that pairs American food with local craft beers. You can call it an ode to Old Glory’s diet in all its splendor.

It’s essentially what Uncle Sam would have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert. Aside from being a famous figure pointing his huge finger directly at you, who is Uncle Sam?

Fun Fact: His real name is Samuel Wilson, and yes, he was a real person, wild!

We’ve provided a little more insight to that mystery below…

AC On the New Menu

“With this new menu, we continue focusing on our chicken wings by extending the offering. We are very excited to include our chicken quesadilla with 2 classic salsas from the states such as ‘sour cream’ & ‘salsa’.

Also, noticing the importance of gluten free products in today’s world, the customer will be able to choose gluten free wings and bread!

Additionally, we had lots of memorable nights in the U.S.A. where wings and friends went together seamlessly. That inspired our idea of the 50 cent wings, to try to make large groups of people come, share wings and laughs. It also goes great with sports, NFL Sundays and why not make it a new thing for locals (and futból/soccer fans as well)!”

– AC, Co-Founder of CocoVail

FYI: You can follow AC’s personal CocoVail group for info on Facebook here. 🙂

Cool Down with a Poké Bowl & Craft Beer

CocoVail Poké Bowls Presentation

Along with the renaissance of chicken wings, we’ve also un-Vail-ed (for you grammar/ spelling snobs, unveiled) the CocoVail Poké Bowls. We’ll add a specific blog about this, but it’s essence is healthy fast food.

Those words seem oxymoronic together, but pokés live up to such a description. You can select from our best combinations in the evening or build your own during the day if you come by on weekdays from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Come check out the new menu. Let us know what you think.


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