CocoVail Presents: World Cup of Beer

CocoVail Presents: World Cup of Beer

While July signifies the end of a thrilling World Cup 2018 in Russia, the fun is far from being completely done. CocoVail & CoCooking are teaming up to present the inaugural World Cup of Beer in Barcelona. It will take place before the final match between the winners of France v Belgium & Croatia v England on Sunday, July 15th at 12h.

Link to Sign Up for World Cup of Beer

Hopefully no one tries to pull a Neymar and dive on the ground to roll around for 14 minutes, because we don’t play that sh**. If such an instance occurs, standby for red cards and boos.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in European culture whistling is the equivalent of a boo? That’s right, if you hear the fans whistling like there’s no tomorrow during a game, that means they are extremely ticked off at one of the players, or the referee…

Which as a side note, why do people hate on the ref so much? Nobody actually wants to be a referee, do they? It’s a necessary element regardless of the competition, so there’s no need to hate (so much).

What is CoCooking?

CoCooking is a gamified community/ platform where coworkers share and contribute on different days to the pool of food for lunch on any given day of the week. It’s a way for people to exhibit their abilities in the kitchen, as well as allow others to sample some foods they would not try otherwise.

It’s a fun way to generate a further sense of community and put some new nutrients in the belly at the same time. #huge

CocoVail World Cup of Beer BarcelonaWorld Cup of Beer in Barcelona

Where: CocoVail Beer Hall

When: Sunday, July 15th 12h – 14:30h

Rules: 4 Rounds (Knockout Format):

1st: Chug the Pitcher
2nd: Flip Cup
3rd: Stack Cup
4th: Beer Pong (Civil War Version)

Sign Up: Click this link to Register & 10 Euros Entry Fee/ Person

Coupled with the competition, CocoVail will serve an All-American Breakfast with Bottomless Mimosas for 20 Euros. Even if you are not planning to participate, there will be some action on the sidelines by way of deliciousness and drinks.

Hope to see you all there, ready to drink, compete,  and dawn your colors with pride.


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