CocoVail Bar Decorations Including Authentic, Vintage License Plates

CocoVail Bar Decorations Including Authentic, Vintage License Plates

Bar decorations are a special tradition with many restaurants. The accumulation of images, banners, and ultimately memories adorn the walls of the establishments and provide a unique vibe. CocoVail pays homage to this with our interior decor.

Since day 1 we’ve slowly but surely been filling our red-brick building with various, unique items. For example, the college pennants mean a lot to us, and bring a special connection for all of the students studying abroad. We’ve even had people send us their alma mater’s pennant if it wasn’t already on the wall. That is very special to us, and it adds a lot to our story.

CocoVail License Plates CollageLicense Plates as Bar Decorations

Other items we love to have on our walls are license plates. Authentic, vintage plates are also a popular form of decoration for bars and houses alike in the United States.

License plates are not just geographic indicators of transportation, but also an artistic part of the history of each location. Particularly in the United States, each state has its own style and they even provide different styles of art for particular commemorations. Fortunately, we’ve found an incredible resource for these bad boys, Shoplicenseplates.com.

Shoplicenseplates.com has an incredible catalogue of current and vintage plates from all over the country and world. In fact, for you Hunger Games fans, they are using license plates from Shoplicenseplates.com for filming and set design.

Terry Hammer, our connection to Shoplicenseplates.com, illustrated that “they offer a paradise for collectors with a wide variety of plates, years, types and locations to chose from.” If you peruse their website, you’ll find plates from just about anywhere.

We’re really excited to add to our wall’s collection from their catalogue. Next time you come grab a pint in Barcelona, you’ll see some familiar (and perhaps not so familiar) decorations as an homage to this excellent tradition.

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