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Ain't No Thing Like Chicken Wings

April 6, 2020

Ain't No Thing Like Chicken Wings

Are you a fan of chicken wings?The Anchor Bar in Buffalo (New York), 1964 is widely accepted as the birthplace and year of the World Famous Buffalo Chicken Wings. Every legend starts somewhere, right? These spicy, red hot sauce covered treats form the foundation of a culinary staple in the United States. They symbolize a crucial piece of Americana, primarily because they are synonymous with American Football. Anything that goes together well with football is usually accepted as an American icon, such as tailgating, BBQ and beers. Have you ever been to a bar for some wings and football? If not, it's a must experience. In fact, there are entire restaurants/ publicly traded companies, such as Buffalo Wild Wings that solely offer this food, essentially.

CocoVail New Chicken Wings Menu April 2019

Fun Facts about Chicken Wings:
Buffalo chicken wings got their popularity specifically because of the Buffalo Bills.
2) July 29th is National Chicken Wing day.
3) The record for most chicken wings eaten is 444 in 26 minutes... Someone probably felt awesome the next day :)

An important side note: Deep fried chicken wings are a longtime tradition in American cooking, especially in the South. They predate the 1964 creation of the illustrious Buffalo Wing. While they were already around the nation, it was in the North where these bad boys really took flight as a national staple.Now, you can find them accompanied by an extraordinary assortment of sauces all over the United States. These sauces include, but are not limited to: Teriyaki, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Chipotle, and Super Hot & Spicy.

Bringing Chicken Wings to Barcelona

Necessity is the mother of invention...Just as there was clearly a space for Buffalo Wings in the world in the 60s, there is now space for chicken wings in Barcelona. CocoVail Beer Hall serves a variety of chicken wings and is adding to the flavor choices continually.You can have them served pre-dipped or eat them "naked" with the dipping sauce on the side, your choice. The brand new sauces CocoVail now offers 14 different sauces, including: Mango Habanero, Buffalo, Chipotle, Spicy Garlic, Caribbean Jerk, Green Curry, Honey BBQ, BBQ, Jack Daniels, Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Parmesan Garlic, & Naked (without gluten).Of course, chicken wings ain't no thing (thang) in the words of Outkast, but they certainly ain't no thang without dips. Warning: the Outkast link contains explicit lyrics.

CocoVail has all sorts of dips for you to fancy. You can choose from Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Parmesan, Romesco (traditional Catalan sauce), "Mojo Picon", and "Mojo de Cilantro". These dips allow numerous combinations of flavors you can savor along with the wings' sauces. Mix and match for your batch o' wings! :)

CocoVail Chicken Wings 2

"Lord of the Wings" on Mondays

Additionally, every Monday there is the tradition of "Lord of the Wings". On "Lord of the Wings" Mondays at CocoVail you get your chicken wings in Barcelona for only 50 cents (Euro) each from 7- 10 pm aka 19- 22h.This also coincides with Monday Night Football in the U.S.A; however, to compensate for the time difference there are always broadcasts of your favorite sports matches, highlights, and music bumping in the background for your entertainment, naturally.

Lastly, CocoVail is also introducing an epic, massively HUGE 2 KG bucket of wings. You can share it with family, friends, and perhaps even acquaintances. If you can eat this quantity all by yourself in one sitting, may the lord have mercy upon your soul, digestive system, and colon. Come try some of CocoVail's delicious wings, and pair them with a crisp craft beer. They go together like two birds of a feather. Sample the abundant combinations of flavors to find your perfect match.