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CocoVail Presents: Champions League in Barcelona

September 16, 2021

Are you looking for a place to watch Champions League Games in Barcelona?Just as we show American football, basketball, rugby, tennis, and all other sports, we also broadcast the best fútbol league in the world. We can say that comfortably, because even La Liga, Premiere League, Bundesliga, etc fans agree that while their respective domestic leagues are awesome, the Champions League rules them all.

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Champions League Game Schedule at CocoVail

Champions League Season 2021 / 2022 - Final

Tuesday, September 28th - 6:45 PM & 9 PM


Wednesday, September 29th - 6:45 PM & 9 PM


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Who will win it all in 2022? Will Lionel Messi (now at PSG) or Cristiano Ronaldo (now on Manchester United) bring home the trophy? Will Real Madrid, Barça's eternal rivals, continue their historic dominance in the competition? We'll all have to tune in to find out, won't we? One thing is for sure, it will be a cracking competition from the first whistle in September till the final match on May 28th, 2022.

This edition of the league will be finalized in the Gazprom Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Last year saw Bayern Munich hoist the trophy in formidable fashion with a 1-0 victory against PSG.

Watch Champion League in Barcelona at CocoVail

What Teams Have Won The Champions League & How Many Times?

These are the teams that have won the league at least 1 time, and their respective victories are listed next to the names. We have to say, the amount of titles Real Madrid claimed is absolutely bonkers. Almost twice as much as the next team on the list, AC Milan. It goes without saying that most of the CocoVail Family roots for FC Barcelona; however, we have some Real Madrid fans among us. Like any good family, we enjoy a bit of rivalry.

Champions League Winners (by Number of Titles)

  • Real Madrid, 13 Titles
  • AC Milan, 7 Titles
  • Liverpool FC, 6 Titles
  • Bayern Munich, 6 Titles
  • FC Barcelona, 5 Titles
  • Ajax Amsterdam, 4 Titles
  • FC Internazionale, 3 Titles
  • Manchester United, 3 Titles
  • FC Porto, 2 Titles
  • Juventus FC, 2 Titles
  • Nottingham Forest, 2 Titles
  • SL Benfica, 2 Titles
  • Chelsea FC, 1 Title
  • Borussia Dortmund, 1 Title
  • Olympique Marseille, 1 Title
  • Red Star Belgrade, 1 Title
  • PSV Eindhoven, 1 Title
  • CSA Steaua, 1 Title
  • Hamburger SV, 1 Title
  • Aston Villa, 1 Title
  • RV & AV Feijenoord, 1 Title
  • Celtic FC, 1 Title