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CocoVail Presents: Copa America in Barcelona

April 6, 2020

Are you a fan of South American fútbol and looking to watch the 2019 Copa America in Barcelona? CocoVail is your home away from home and will broadcast as many games as possible.

The epic tournament begins in mid-June and goes through the first week of July. Will Messi finally claim his first major trophy for Argentina? Will Chile win for the 2nd time in a row? Or will the hosts, Brazil get back to their old, winning habits and claim their championship at home? We'll have to find out as the competition progresses.

Copa American in Barcelona at CocoVail

Watch Copa America in Barcelona

Where: CocoVail Beer HallWhen: June 14th - July 7th
Teams: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Uruguay, Venezuela
Host Country: Brazil

Copa America Games at CocoVail

These are the following Copa America group stage matches we will broadcast. The knockout phase matches and finals will be updated as the tournament progresses.

Saturday, June 6th:
9 PM:
Argentina vs Chile Result: 2 - 1 Congrats to Argentina for the win!

Sunday, June 7th:
10 PM:
Brazil vs Peru Result: 3 - 1 Congrats to Brazil for the win!

What is Copa America?

Copa America is the most important tournament for all South American countries. Just like the World Cup it is played every 4 years. It falls one year after the World Cup. Depending on where you are from it is considered the 2nd most important international fútbol tournament in the world. Surely Europeans would argue that the Euro Cup is more prestigious.We're not going to draw a line in the sand on this one. There are great teams on either side of the Atlantic. It's all a matter of preference for style.

Hosting a Party for Copa America

CocoVail features wide, communal tables that are perfect for large gatherings. If you are looking to host a party to watch one of the games, contact us directly. We're happy to accommodate your needs. #feelathome