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World Cup in Barcelona

April 6, 2020

Are you wondering about where to watch The World Cup in Barcelona? More importantly, looking for a comfortable space with huge TVs?

CocoVail Beer Hall will broadcast all games across our televisions for the 2018 edition. We will have specials during the games, as well as contests and prizes to give out throughout the tournament. You may meet some fellow aficionados sporting the same country's colors or establish a healthy camaraderie with a rival fan. Either way, we're fixing to put together an incredible environment, so you can focus on rooting for your team and having a good time!

Game Day Specials: - 2 kilos of wings (42-46 wings)+ a 2L pitcher = 45 Euros- XL: 4 kilos of wings (84-92 wings) + 2 2L pitchers= 80 Euros

World Cup Challenge: Join our bracket group by June 14th by clicking this link. The winner gets free wings & beer!

CocoVail Presents: World Cup in Barcelona

Another 4 years elapsed since the last edition of arguably the best sporting event in the world, The World Cup. The last time around, in 2014, Germany stunned Argentina on a late extra time goal. Fans around the world were dismayed by the fact that Lionel Messi and Co didn't come home with the Big Kahoona.

At the same time, it came as no surprise that Germany won. A popular quote for The World Cup is "you play 90 minutes of soccer, look up at the scoreboard, and Germany won." It alludes to the fact that they are incredibly consistent with their international tournament performances, even in the early days of the sport.

CocoVail- World Cup in Barcelona

This type of photo finish isn't rare in recent times, as Spain also added a star to their jersey when they grabbed the 2010 World Cup with an extra time goal by the man, the myth, the legend, Andrés Iniesta. If you don't know, a star is added above the emblem of the national team jersey every time they win.

Fun Fact: Did you know The World Cup is almost 100 years old? That's right, the inaugural tournament was in 1930, hosted by Uruguay.

To get you ready, pumped, and jazzed for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, we're going to leave this right here.

The Top-50 Goals from World Cup Qualifiers in the last few years building up to the massive event.