CocoVail Wings at the Palo Alto Market in Barcelona

CocoVail Wings at the Palo Alto Market in Barcelona

Are you a fan of farmer’s markets / open-air commerce? Do you enjoy meandering to the sounds of local music? Do you admire the scents of freshly made, artisan delicacies? If so, the Palo Alto Market in Barcelona is a must-visit event. Their open-air market takes place on the 1st weekend of every month. It is the jams, for real.

CocoVail at Palo Alto Market in Barcelona 2Special Announcement: CocoVail is proud to announce our participation in the Palo Alto Market in Barcelona. It is the first time we are taking our talents outside of the bar, and are looking forward to this opportunity.

We will start by presenting 3 of our staple chicken wing flavors: Buffalo, BBQ, and Honey BBQ.

“We are really excited to start the process of taking our brand beyond our premises and to collaborate with Palo Alto Market. It’s a concept we have admired since day one, and it’s an honor to participate.”

– AC, Co-Founder of CocoVail Beer Hall

It is also a fitting time for CocoVail to take part, as while we just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary and Palo Alto will now celebrate 4 years in Barcelona! This is a great landmark. It is not easy to keep a consistent presence, especially in a place that has so many options and is consistently moving / growing.

CocoVail Palo Alto Market in BarcelonaWhat is Palo Alto Market in Barcelona?

Palo Alto Market offers an ideal stage for businesses around Barcelona to showcase their offerings. In doing so, it creates a great atmosphere for people to get out of the house and feel a unique culture / collection of goods and entertainment. Barcelona is an eclectic city, and Palo Alto provides a perfect addition to the foundation that is already present.

When: 1st of the Month, Every Month

Where: Carrer de Pellaires, 30, 08019

How Much: 3 Euros in Advance (Buy Now) or 4 Euros in Person

We look forward to seeing you at the CocoVail booth in the Palo Alto Market on December 1st & 2nd. We’ll provide chicken wings and good vibes, as always. Cheers, you beautiful people.






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