CocoVail Partners: Weekend Student Adventures

CocoVail Partners: Weekend Student Adventures

What is Weekend Student Adventures (WSA)? Well, the name is a concise and accurate means of describing it. The services of Weekend Student Adventures go far beyond simply providing travel options to young people around the world. They are guides and experts in the field of creating once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Weekend Student Adventures Story

Weekend Student Adventures is the brainchild of Andy Steves. He draws his passion for traveling via his father, Rick. While studying at Notre Dame after spending a semester abroad in Rome, Andy saw a need for further guidance and assistance with students traveling abroad.

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Weekend Student Adventures has a wonderful mantra that resonates with the culture we love and create at CocoVail:

“To foster fun, respectful, in-depth and unforgettable travel experiences for budget travelers, backpackers and students. We empower travelers to become immersed in the cities they visit by experiencing cultures as a local, rather than merely observing them.”

This is very important. Engaging in a culture is more enriching than treating your travels as a visit to the zoo. The reason is because ultimately, as different as we may be, we are actually more alike no matter what neck of the woods we live in or where we call home. Weekend Student Adventures Logo Barcelona

WSA makes these opportunities more accessible and they are present in a variety of cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, and Portugal are only a few of the destinations they provide for students.

Weekend Student Adventures in Barelona

While Weekend Student Adventures is in many cities, we are particularly interested in their happenings around Barcelona. They offer some great guided and non-guided tours of Barcelona on their website. Their itinerary covers all of the bases that one needs to see while in the Catalan capital as well as some other amazing events.

For students looking to explore Barcelona, use the promo code: EXPLORE

Your reps here are Jack SaFranko & Lucas Deysine. Reach out to them, they’ll help you with whatever you need.

We love WSA, because they take pride in creating authentic experiences for all students using their services. They are dedicated to their craft. We are really excited to share these experiences with any of the students who walk into our establishment. We are excited to have them be part of our family.


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