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CocoVail Presents: Christmas Party in Barcelona

April 6, 2020

The Winter Holidays, what a lineup of legendary celebrations: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course New Year's. It's like the All Star team of parties for any given year. Some even say this is the best / happiest time of the year.No matter what your sentiments are, it's clearly a time with plenty of opportunities to celebrate with friends & family. It's a time to get together with loved ones, and let them know how important they are to you.Additionally, it's also a time to let loose.

We all deserve a pat on the back for almost making it through the year, and it's okay to have a few too many drinky-poohs. In fact, it's encouraged. Although, if you're at your office holiday party, you may want to hit the breaks a wee bit, as getting completely sh** faced in front of the CEO may not be the greatest idea. Even if you are the kind of person who tends to iterate how much they love people when you're drunk.Having said all that, CocoVail is honoring the season by putting together a Christmas party in Barcelona for one and all to come and have a solid time.

CocoVail Christmas Party in Barcelona 2019

CocoVail's Christmas Party in Barcelona

When: December 13th, 2019 - 9PM to Close (2AM)
Where: CocoVail Beer Hall
Specials: 2 Euro Shots, 5 Euro Mixers & 11 Euro Pilsner Pitchers All Night

We highly encourage wearing festive attire, and as always coming with a sunny disposition to enjoy the night.

Christmas Traditions in Barcelona

As a side note, we wanted to touch on two peculiar Christmas traditions in Barcelona / Catalunya: 1) el caganer - the sh**er, literally, and 2) Tio - pooping uncle, also literally.El caganer is a traditional figurine put into the nativity scene. While the initial reaction may be, "oh my lord, why is someone pooping near Baby Jesus?" Well, the explanation is actually quite fitting. El caganer represents everyone / the common person. The figure is there as a metaphor that everybody relieves themselves at some point or another, it's normal. Instead of simply having the Biblical characters, el caganer is there on behalf of everyone.

Tio on the other hand is a Christmas tradition that is similar to Santa Claus, except instead of leaving milk and cookies for Santa on Xmas Eve, you give random scraps of food and milk (depending on the family) to a log with eyes painted on it and a traditional red hat. By the way, Santa, lay off the milk and cookies. The saying never was, "a cookie a day keeps the doctor away."

Back to the log: the log consumes the offerings and on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, kids will beat caga tio with a stick (kind of like a piñata) while singing a song. Once the song is done, presents are revealed under the pooping piece of wood. Basically, caga tio is the sh** in every possible way.

Hopefully this filled your mind with relevant and useful knowledge. It will make for a great holiday ice breaking conversation at the very least.

Hope to see you at the CocoVail Christmas Party, you beautiful human. #feelathome