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CocoVail Presents: NFL in Barcelona

September 14, 2020

NFL in Barcelona on Sundays & Other Days

You may or may not know that Barcelona is known for vibrant culture, culinary treats for your tummy, and futból; however, CocoVail is continuing to put American Football on the map with NFL in Barcelona on Sundays (and Saturdays toward the end of the season).

Are you visiting or living in Barcelona and looking for a place to enjoy America's favorite sport? CocoVail now dedicates Sunday evenings during the NFL season to games, games, and more games. This includes live games broadcast as well as NFL Red Zone on all night!

Side Note: Kudos/ Congrats to the New England Patriots for their conquest of the Super Bowl in 2019! Who will take it all in 2020? We shall see.Is Tom Brady going to further his case as the GOAT? Looks like he's already out of the picture this year, but he's still in the conversation, no doubt.

This Week's NFL Games in Barcelona

Sunday, September 20th:

19H -
Indianapolis Colts vs Minnesota Vikings / New York Giants vs Chicago Bears
22:30 - Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens / Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers

All Night During the Regular Season -
NFL Red Zone

We recommend
making a reservation here to watch your favorite NFL teams battle it out on the field.

NFL Action in Barcelona is Back for 2020 / 2021

If you're looking for a taste of the motherland while abroad, we showcase almost every game. Bring your favorite player's jersey and get ready for some cheering and jeering.Taking part in an NFL Fantasy League while on your visit? No problem, we've got you covered...Check live NFL scores here as well!

These weekly events will include the morning and afternoon games in the USA, which are on at around 7 PM and 10 PM here, respectively.

CocoVail Presents NFL in Barcelona on Sundays

We're going to set the tone by leaving a highlight reel of last year's best plays, all of the razzle-dazzle one can pack into a few minutes...What are your favorites? Do you fancy amazing catches by wide receivers? Running backs slashing and dashing to the end zone? Or the demoralizing accuracy of the leagues best quarterbacks? No matter what, we'll have them on here at CocoVail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HeBDDHms5Q

Drink Specials: NFL in Barcelona on Sundays

There are also specials for Sundays' NFL in Barcelona on all our craft beers...The beer specials include 5 Euros for a pint of any of our 24 craft beers from the selection and 15 Euros for a pitcher of Pilsner. The latter should be enough to wet the whistle of many people or if you're a boss, you can just take one to the house yourself, like Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch. P.S. They totally should've let him stick it to the Patriots a few years ago, but that's neither here nor there... Sorry, Seahawks fans. Look on the bright side, you won one recently and will surely be back for another in the near future!!!

We can list a few teams that haven't enjoyed so much good fortune on the field, but we don't believe in rubbing salt on wounds. Salt is best for some tasty chicken wings or burgers with french fries, right?

Host a Party for NFL in Barcelona

NFL in Barcelona Sundays at CocoVail Beer Hall

No matter what team you root for or where you are from, you'll find a vibrant atmosphere to get your adrenaline running in order to satiate your love for the mighty sport of American Football.

Looking to host a party for a particular game of NFL in Barcelona? Due to popular demand during game days, we no longer take reservations, so we suggest to come early and get a great spot for you and your crew.

What could be better than some cervesa artesanal (craft beers), chicken wings, poké bowls, and some solid American Football action?

Cheers, and let the games begin! May the best team win, of course :)

Addendum: College Football in Barcelona

The CFB season is starting once again in 2020 / 2021. We are showing the games upon request for various college football contests in Barcelona. If there's a game on in particular that you want to see, just let us know and we'll try our best to make it happen for you and your friends. #feelathome